Customer Service Jobs

Work from home customer service jobs are very popular among large corporations. These companies have found that they can reduce their office expenses by paying customer service reps to work from home. These companies will properly train, provide software, and even extend benefits to these home based employees. These positions are growing in numbers in many different industries. Companies that have a large sales presence on the Internet, companies that run infomercials, and service based companies are all turning to home based workers.

Work from home customer service jobs will either require you to work online providing service, such as “live chat,” or through a phone line accepting orders or answering questions. Most companies will require you to do a little of both, such as accepting telephone calls from customers and then placing orders or service calls through the Internet.

Customer service jobs run 24/7, enabling anyone to work at any time slot they desire. Of course, there are more positions available for nights and weekends available, but these hours are the perfect opportunity for someone that is caring for small children during the day, or need to generate an extra income at night.

What Equipment Will I Need To Become A Customer Service Representative?

You will need the following equipment to find a position as a customer service rep:

  • Internet that has a high speed connection. You will be required to “talk” to people online and you cannot have long delays in responses due to dial-up speed.
  • Land-line. If you are accepting calls at your home for your job you will need to have a dedicated phone line for this purpose. You cannot use a cell phone; the companies will not accept calls being dropped. You should also have this as a separate number than your personal phone number.
  • Word processing software. Most companies will provide you with software that is compatible with their systems; however, it is smart to have a word processing program just in case.
  • Current Resume. When you apply for one of these positions you will be required to go through an interview process that is similar to applying for a job at home. You should have a digital copy ready to send at their request after you apply.

Where Do You Find Work From Home Customer Service Jobs?

The best p[lace to find a work at home customer service position is on the Internet. You should search for these positions in the same manner that you would regular employment. Search job sites, classified advertisements and work at home forums for opportunities. You can perform an Internet search, but you must be aware of the scams that can turn up in the search results.

There are countless work at home scams floating around the Internet. Understanbding how to spot a fraudulent offer is important. The following list is some of the things you should be aware of when searching for these positions online:

  • Any company requesting that you purchase a list of employers that hire from home is a scam. Employers place help wanted ads, they do not join lists.
  • Any company requesting that you pay money, submit a credit card, or purchase equipment to get a job is a scam. You do not pay any company when you are hired in an office, and you should not pay when you are hired online.
  • Any company that does not display contact information on their website other than an email address. Real companies want you to be able to find them, it is good for business.
  • Any company that hosts their “job offers” on sub-domains.
  • Any company that requests a “trial” run where you perform work for free and they evaluate it later. Remember, you would not work for free anywhere else.
  • Any company that does not request an interview prior to hiring you as an employee. Even if no experience is required, you still must go through an interview process.
  • Any company that promises outrageous amounts of money for little or no work. Customer service reps that work online make the same or a little more than office based employees. You cannot get rich overnight doing this job.
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