Creating Balance Between Your Dream Life & A Work From Home Job

by WorkFromHome on September 16, 2011

You love your work from home job that allows you freedom and flexibility to be your own boss, set your work schedule, perform a job you love, and be home more for your family. Sometimes, you find yourself refusing to turn off the computer or saying no to a client. You love your family, friends, and hobbies and appreciate opportunities to spend time engaged in enjoyable activities. Find balance between your work and life by implementing techniques that recognize your desire for the best of both worlds.

Firmly Set Priorities For Yourself

Before you accept another responsibility, take quiet time alone to decide which people, activities, professional goals, or obligations require your complete commitment. An amount of money you wish to make, a number of hours you wish to work, or attending your children’s sports games remain your firm priorities. Post these priorities in your office, bathroom mirror, and vehicle where you will see them every day. Remind yourself often why you work from home, and accept new responsibilities only after analyzing their place in your priority list.

Give Yourself Permission To Say No

A business trip, extra client, or volunteer post may tempt you with more recognition, extra money, or social status. However, you must determine if the extra time will overbook your calendar or cause you to neglect your family time or current clients. Again, access your priority list and make decisions with confidence.

Allow Yourself Permission To Work And Play

Work does take precedence sometimes. You must meet a deadline or client in order to make money. Accept this fact; and plan accordingly, if possible. On other occasions, life takes precedence. Children stay home from school with illness or your spouse takes a surprise day off from his or her job to take you to lunch. Try to remain flexible as you balance work and life.

Set Limits To Work

Set boundaries for clients, commit to office hours, and use an answering machine to screen calls. With the exception of emergencies, perform your work responsibilities during office hours then close your home office door, turn off your cell phone and computer, and enjoy time away from work. This strategy requires discipline and commitment because the office remains easily accessible, but both you and your family benefit from limits to work time.

Enlist Your Family’s Help

Teach your children how to properly perform chores then assign responsibilities for after school or weekends. You teach classes, meet with clients, or perform other work responsibilities while each family member assists in helping with household chores. Your spouse or older children cook dinner and do laundry while younger children dust and pick up toys. As a family, everyone cares for each other. When parents trust their children with household responsibilities, they teach their children to exercise compassion, work hard, and run their own homes one day.

Maintain Your Marital Relationship

Spouses often feel neglected when they should feel cherished. Reaffirm your love and commitment with daily meals together, monthly dates, and regular sex. Your spouse also offers wise counsel and sound advice for your business and acts as an ally for you.

Maintain Healthy Friendships With Peers

Meet for coffee, chat on the phone, or enjoy activities together. Your friends offer a listening ear or encouraging words. Stay connected to people who make you laugh.

Stay Active In Your Community

Working from home offers seclusion as you spend the day by yourself in your office or studio. Continue hobbies or activities that give you pleasure outside of work. Take time to participate in the world outside of your home and find fulfillment and energy in your community activities or professional organizations.

Use Creativity To Make More Time

Return phone calls while walking on the treadmill or dusting. Take breaks from work, set the timer for 15 minutes, and see how much housework you can finish. Plan meals ahead, shop once a week with a list, and prepare and post a menu so other family members easily see the evening’s menu to cook. Consolidate errands. Hire a babysitter or a housekeeper if your budget allows or barter services with neighbors. Utilize these and other creative tips to create more time in your day to accomplish your to-do list.

Avoid Accepting False Guilt

You will occasionally make mistakes. Criticism from clients or your friends does not define you. Remember why you choose to work from home, and keep your goals in mind. Be true to yourself, and do your best for a successful, fulfilling career working from home.

Balancing work and life sometimes remains elusive. Improve your income, health, and family life by implementing changes to your daily routines, and find balance between your dream life and your dream work from home job.

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