Could Data Entry Work Be The Right Choice For You?

by WorkFromHome on November 27, 2011

Although data entry work might sound a little old fashioned, it is actually one of the most popular home based career paths for independent contractors in today’s competitive jobs market today. Despite the large number of skilled typists competing for these lucrative jobs as data entry operators, there are still plenty of great opportunities since so many businesses have begun to outsource their data entry needs. If data entry work is the right field for you, this means that you may have found a great niche which will allow you to earn money from home.

Skip The Scams To Find The Legitimate Data Entry Jobs

Part of making sure that data entry work is right for you is finding legitimate data entry jobs. Unfortunately, with the growth in the data entry field there has also been an explosion of scams run online. This means that you should do some due diligence while searching for data entry work instead of sending your resume into every website, job board and advertisement that you find online. It may not always be easy to spot a false job listing, but there are some signs that you can watch out for. Here are some common red flags to be aware of:

  • Websites or data entry employers which ask you to pay you for a membership fee. As a data entry operator, you should always be the one who is paid for your work, not the other way around. You should never pay someone else for the privilege of working form them. A possible exception to this rule is a membership fee to a freelancers’ website which will allow you to bid on jobs offered by other employers.
  • Data entry operators whose websites show job listings for posting advertisements. Generally, these scams are derivative of affiliate marketing, wherein you are not paid for posting their advertisement on your website, if you have one, but may be paid for purchases generated by that link.
  • Websites which list data entry job advertisements for free. These websites tend to attract a large volume of false advertisements and scams which will try to sell you “data entry kits” or other informational products, like e-books on how to make money through other websites or online services.

Different Companies Have Different Data Entry Needs

Data entry’s current popularity is the result of a number of a large number of different industries finding ways to leverage the comparable lower cost of remote data entry workers instead of using in house data entry employees. This means that you can perform data entry work for a wide variety of different industries, ranging from medicine to finance to litigation.

When doing medical and legal data entry work you may need to transcribe audio files, while financial data entry work is more likely to require you to copy data from one database to another. Some businesses, such as doctors’ offices, may require you to take a course or two in medical data entry work at your local community college.

Basic Data Entry Job Requirements

Although there are a large variety of different data entry jobs available, many of the jobs that you will take one will share similar characteristics. These are likely to include:

  • Typing data from spreadsheets
  • Entering information, including addresses, strings of numbers, names and coding
  • Filing information online
  • Typing information into online databases
  • Preparing reports and letters
  • Transcribing audio files into data formats, such as Microsoft Word files
  • Editing errors in information
  • Combining several data files into one

Data Entry Work Means Enjoying The Benefits That You Want

While data entry work requires you to remain focused in order to complete your work accurately, completely and, of course, on time, it also comes with some pretty significant benefits. Offering a work life balance that makes it a great way for new moms and caregivers alike to earn money to support their families, performing data entry work as an independent contractor from home allows you to pick and choose those benefits which are most important to you. Some of the best:

  • You can arrange your business hours to suit your personal life without checking with your boss, as long as you meet your employer’s deadline.
  • You will reduce your family’s overall expenses since you will not be burning gas on a commute to and from the office, paying for a babysitter or paying for adult daycare or eldercare.
  • Make every workday a good one by choosing the types of data entry jobs that you want to work on.
  • Control how much money you make each week, month and year by taking on as many data entry jobs as you care to.

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