Convincing Your Employer That Telecommuting Is Beneficial To Both Of You

by WorkFromHome on January 11, 2012

Working as a telecommuter is probably one of the best employment positions available in the market today. You have the security of employment while enjoying the comforts of your home. You reduce all of your expenses associated with going to work, and you have more time with your family and friends.

It is easy to imagine not having to spend half of your paycheck on transportation costs and what you would do with that extra money. It is wonderful to think about all the extra time that you will have if you are not required to sit in traffic for three hours each day as you commute back and forth to work. It is wonderful to think about wearing your slippers to sit at your desk instead of those tight dress shoes.

The question is, however, how do you convince your boss that a changing your position to a telecommuting position would greatly benefit the company.

The Proposal

Before you approach your employer with the idea of converting your position into a remote employment position, you should create a proposal. This proposal will not only show that you are very serious about changing your position, it will also show your dedication to the company by preparing this type of document.

You will need to do a little research to create a fabulous proposal, but it will be worth your effort. In your proposal you should include:

  • Direct benefits that the company will receive for converting your position into a work at home position, including:
    1. Reduction of energy use in the office
    2. eduction of workers compensation fees
    3. Reduction of space needed
  • Provide information about the office space you would use at home to complete your daily work. Include pictures as an additional bonus. Make sure you dive a detailed list of the equipment and programs you would use. Also offer to install Skype as a way to teleconference with your boss whenever they needed you.
  • Provide information about how you will insure your equipment and company property
  • Reassure them that you will be available for the exact same hours that you currently work and will punch in and out as scheduled
  • Provide a way to gauge your productivity and how they can track it with ease
  • Provide a list of expenses that the office will need to cover such as paper and ink for documents you need to print for work
  • Provide a little background research data showing how telecommuting is a great way to reduce expenses and increase productivity. There are many college resources on this very subject.

Once you have gathered your proposal into a nice document have a few copies of it made and bound. You will want to give the proposal to the owner and to any relevant management positions. You will also want to keep a copy for yourself so that when you sit and talk face to face with the employer you can review the details of the plan first hand.

When you are negotiating, do not be afraid to offer a trial period for the position. Request that the company try this innovative new way fo doing business for 60 days. This will give both of you the opportunity to see if you like they arrangement.

Don’t Be Afraid Of “No”

Many people will react to changes of this manner automatically with the answer “no.” Do not let this dissuade you from your goal. Sometimes they may reconsider after thinking about your proposal for a while.

If they absolutely refuse, do not be afraid to look elsewhere for these types of positions. There are many companies that are hiring home based employees every day. You can search for these legitimate positions in the same manner that you do regular work. Search job boards and local advertisements.

The only thing that you should remember is that there is never a cost involved with finding home employment. These positions are just like being hired for an office based job. There is no cost involved, you will have to submit a resume, you will be interviewed, and you will receive tax forms to complete for your employment. If any of these steps are missing, you may not be dealing with a legitimate company.

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