Common Scams to Avoid When Looking for Work From Home Jobs

by WorkFromHome on September 22, 2011

People who want to learn how to work from home are often vulnerable and inexperienced. They are vulnerable because they are usually hungry to learn, and this hunger makes it easy to exploit them. These people are also inexperienced because they usually have little to no knowledge about how to make it working from home. In light of this, there are a number of common scams that target people who want to learn how to make money from home. Even though these scams are common, they still have a high success rate because the potential victims have few ways to protect themselves. If you pay close attention to the types of scams that we’re going to look at here, then you can protect yourself from getting taken advantage of.

Free Trials and the Importance of Reputation

There are tons of commercials on television and lots of advertisements on the Internet about free trials for supposedly proven systems that will teach you how to make money at home. The catch is that you have to sign up with a credit card for some reason, usually to prove that you’re an adult. The way this scam works is that after a short trial period, your credit card will be billed over and over on a regular basis for the subscription you didn’t realize you signed up for. Known as a rebill scam, this kind of setup makes it particularly difficult for the victim to cancel the subscription in question, and your card will usually be charged over and over until it’s canceled. Beware of anything that is free. It’s often the case that the free option is the most expensive in the long run.

While rebill scams are fairly simple in nature, they’re highly successful when it comes to tricking people. Even if you’re being offered something for free, you should always research the reputation of any product or service before you give away any of your personal information, even if it’s just an email address. The number one way you can protect yourself from work from home scams is to research and get an idea of the reputation of whatever protect or service is being offered.

Drop Shipping Scams: A More Insidious Example

Once someone is on the hook for a rebill scam, they usually know fairly quickly. There are other scams, however, that are much more insidious and damaging in the long run. A good example of such a scam is the drop shipping supplier list scam. Drop shipping is a good model for many people who have decided to work from home, and the key to making the model work is having good suppliers.

This scam works by offering to sell you a subscription to a list of good drop shipping suppliers. The reality of the situation is that these so-called suppliers are really middlemen working in association with the person who is selling you the lists. Prices on the products being sold to you are set in a way that keep you just barely making a profit over time, which keeps you on the metaphorical hook of the scam for a longer period of time. This type of scam can completely destroy your motivation to work from home, and it’s critical to avoid this type of thing if you want to have long term success working at home.

The General Principles of Protecting Yourself Against Scams

If you’re new to ideas that will allow you to work from home, then you’re especially vulnerable to scams like the ones we have looked at so far. Keeping in mind some general principles will make it much less likely that someone is able to take advantage of you.

First, always beware of anything that is free. Even if you have an established business, people offering free products or services could just be trying to get information from you about your business model so that they can duplicate it. This would create competition for you and lower your profits.

Second, never give out more information than you have to when it comes to any sort of outsourcing or business contact. This includes keywords you’re targeting, financial information and personal information about yourself. All of this information can be used to hurt you and your business, so you should only give it to people who have a proven track record and reputation.

Finally, remember that you already have most of the tools and knowledge you need to get started working from home. The rest of what is required is hard work, and there is no special product or service out there that can act as a substitute for hard work. When you’re looking for shortcuts, that’s when it’s the easiest to trick you.

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