Choosing The Best Time to Work from Home

by WorkFromHome on September 8, 2011

Working at home provides you with freedom to highlight your talents, plan your own work schedule, and act as your own boss. Yet finding time to perform your job adds stress to your day. Planning and creativity give you an edge when choosing the best time to work from home.

Plan a Schedule

Rather than randomly fitting work into your day between your children’s activities and household errands, schedule work into your day. If you take a more casual attitude toward work and decide work time will happen when you get around to it, work may not be finished. Schedule your family’s calendar a month in advance around necessary school and social activities, and include work in your schedule. The advantages of planning reward you with the ability to prioritize your family’s activities while prioritizing work. Remember that the schedule for some days gives priority to your work while other days prioritize activities. Maintain your family life while remaining productive.

Work Together

Your work financially benefits the entire family. Teach your family that work sometimes takes precedence over individual needs and you all share responsibility for household chores so mom can work. Assign each child age and skill appropriate tasks such as making dinner, folding laundry, and cleaning bathrooms. Teach each child how to do those tasks properly, and add chore time to the schedule. By clearly outlining your work schedule and sticking to time limits, your children know when you will be available; and you know you have uninterrupted time to concentrate.

Set Aside Workspace

Make an office area off limits to other activities. With confidence, you can trust your papers and necessary supplies will not be moved or misplaced. In addition, when you enter this work area, you easily pick up the project where you left off yesterday. Train your family to respect your workspace.

Early Mornings and Late Nights

When the house quietly rests, you can work guilt-free knowing your children safely slumber. Before the house stirs or after bedtime, work guilt free. These times of days especially benefit early risers or night owls who naturally feel most productive in the morning or at night. Use these chunks of time to complete projects or prep for today or tomorrow’s tasks.

During school hours

Obviously, working while your children attend school during the day makes incredible sense, especially when meeting with clients and vendors who work during the day. Limit distractions, post your work hours in ink, and utilize optimum office hours.

During Weekday Quiet Time or Naps

If your small children nap, plan to work during that hour. For older children who do not nap, create a quiet time. They read, draw, or play in their rooms, giving them a break from each other and allowing you to work uninterrupted. Establishing a consistent schedule for yourself and your children mentally prepares you to work at the same time each day, which increases productivity and gives you consistent office hours for clients.


You want to spend time together as a family when school is out, but weekends give you unique hours for work. Choose Saturday mornings when your children sleep in or watch cartoons, or ask your partner to take the children on an outing every week so you can work quietly at home.

Waiting in line

While you cannot use waiting time to work uninterrupted, you can utilize these chunks of time to brainstorm ideas or proofread memos. Carry necessary paperwork and important phone numbers from your office in an organized folder, and turn otherwise wasted time into money.

No matter when you choose to work, you hold the responsibility and earn the right to plan your schedule. Set production goals for the week then plan your work and personal activities to reflect your goals. With planning and creativity, your home becomes a productive center for your career.

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