Cash In On Your Technical Skills As A Freelance Coder

by WorkFromHome on November 1, 2011

If you have the technical knowledge, working as a freelance coder can be an exciting and financially rewarding option for professionals interested in working from home. Like other remote employees and freelance professionals you will be able to set your own hours, choose interesting projects to work on and enjoy many of the other exciting benefits and opportunities that come from being your own boss. Because of these obvious benefits, though, freelance coding has become an increasingly competitive field, so to land your dream job you will need to have a solid plan in addition to top notch technical skills.

Get Help To Make Your Resume Stand Out

Working from home as a freelance coder likely means that you will be applying for positions and bidding for contracts online. While these opportunities to make money online can be very lucrative, they also can be challenging to land for professionals who do not know how to showcase their talents in their resumes. Your resume is the first, and possibly most important, impression that you will give your potential new employers while applying for positions doing coding work. This means that it needs to show off your skills, experience and other attributes to your best advantage.

While you may be the best code writer applying for a position, if your resume does not make the company listing the position see your credentials in that light, then you will not land the job. If you are having trouble landing jobs doing coding then you may want to think about hiring a professional resume writer to assist you with writing or editing your resume. He or she can also assist you with drafting cover letters for the coding positions that you apply for now and in the future.

Use Free Websites To Find Freelance Coding Work

One of the biggest fears that freelance professionals have about trying to find coding work online is that they will be scammed instead of finding legitimate coding work. While there are many scam artists who will try to commit fraud, such as stealing your identity or bank account information, if they are given the chance, using some common sense as well as the information below, will help to keep your job hunt focused on legitimate freelance coding opportunities only.

There are many websites which are devoted freelance coding job listings. Companies which are in need of freelance coders pay the websites to list their job descriptions and then freelance coding professionals working from home, like yourself, are able to apply. You should never have to pay to see the job listings for a freelance coding jobs board website, since there are so many high quality websites available for free.

Resist The Allure Of Bidding Websites To Keep Your Career On Track

While searching for freelance on coding positions online you may come across a number of different websites which will allow you to bid for freelance coding work. These websites appear easy to use but in reality can take up your entire day without yielding any paying work. Often, a single programmer will spend his or her entire day bidding on different projects which he or she then farms out to different freelance professionals. This is great for him or her and his or her team of workers but can mean that you will spend your time submitting dozens or even hundreds of bids only to get one or maybe two jobs.

Instead of wasting your time and energy on getting aggravated by bidding websites it is more effective to strategically build up a loyal following of clients. Continue to submit a solid resume filled with quality experience and credentials. Every job that you complete is an opportunity to continue to build your resume and your credibility with future clients while you make money from home doing what you love. As you continue to build your career as a freelance coder you will be able to be more and more selective about the coding assignments that you accept in the future. This means being able to command a higher pay rate for specialized coding work as well as being able to avoid those assignments that do not interest you.

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