Boost Your Income: Ways To Make Extra Cash From Home

by WorkFromHome on December 12, 2011

If you are struggling to manage everyday household expenses while working from home, the Internet could provide an occasional boost to your income. The web offers a vast online playing field where resourceful business owners can earn a few extra dollars. While there is no sure-fire way to tap into ecommerce, a few new media technologies could help you boost your income and make extra cash. It just takes some forward thinking and a bit of imagination.

A New Generation of Web Consumers

With the evolution of the web comes a new generation of consumers that is keyed to the latest technology trends. It’s no longer good enough to just copy what everyone else has done for the past decade. To have any chance for success, you have to think like an experienced web shopper who has seen it all and is yearning for something new. Small business owners can reach today’s web users by leveraging their favorite technologies and trends, including videos, RSS feeds and mobile apps.

Here are three smart methods to boost your income and make extra cash from home:

  1. Video Blogging
    Selling ads on a text-based blog is a proven way to make money online, and now video bloggers are putting a new twist on an old theme. Just like in the text-based blogging method, you can easily monetize your video blogs with Google AdSense to earn extra money. All sorts of video content can be created to generate viewer interest, from movie reviews to cooking lessons to pet grooming tips.

    If you are starting your video blog from scratch, try to pick a topic that will be sustainable for the long run. Focus on subjects that could generate alternate opinions, or be good fodder for conversation. Video blogs that pique the interest of viewers and entice them to share links with others will make the best platform for earning extra income. The more views you can generate, the more money you can make.

    You can make your blog strictly video, or partly text and partly video. If you are already an established textual blogger, try enhancing your writings with weekly video installments. Embed the videos directly on your web pages, and include keyword-rich titles and unique descriptions that will persuade users to click and watch. For further monetization, put sponsored banner ads or other affiliate ads on the video blog pages.

    Become a YouTube Partner: If you have a knack for creating viral videos that are watched by thousands of viewers, YouTube wants to partner with you. You don’t have to be an experienced filmmaker to participate, anyone can make videos and post them to YouTube. Just do your best to create useful and entertaining video content. If you manage build up a decent audience base that is eagerly awaiting your next production, you can apply to be a YouTube advertising partner.

  2. RSS Feeds
    Tap into RSS technology and create a cash-generating newsfeed for your site. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and it is a technology that funnels fresh content to websites along with pay-per-click advertisements. With RSS comes more attention from search engines and more reasons for visitors to return to your site, which means more money-making clicks.

    It’s easy to utilize RSS widgets to make extra cash from home and add authority to your website or blog. The RSS will automatically match the keywords of your site and post the most relevant ads possible to help boost conversions. Every time an ad is clicked, you will make some extra cash.

    RSS feeds can be news-based headlines or other types of content, such as a quote of the day or weather reports. Don’t be boring, though! Select useful and interesting feeds that are keyed to your particular business niche, and let the ads sell themselves. You can set your RSS feeds to look like a magazine, with several columns feeding fresh news in a constant stream. In a reverse move, you could provide your own content to feed out of an RSS network, and earn money from other sites that subscribe to your feeds.

    Resources for making money with RSS feeds:

  3. Go Mobile
    Mobile devices currently outnumber laptops and PCs by more than three to one worldwide, and it is clear that mobile commerce is on the rise in the US. That means online consumers are leaning toward businesses that cater to the mobile crowd. If you can get your mobile campaign up to speed, you will have an edge over most other businesses. You can start with a few functional smartphone apps and some clever use of quick response technology.

    Web content that is specifically designed with the mobile consumer in mind can be monetized like any other content. Pay-per-click or pay-per-view advertising feeds can be integrated to provide a direct source of extra income. On the other side of the coin, your work at home business could generate a whole new customer base by advertising itself on mobile devices.

    Mobile technologies are available in such wide varieties today that marketers can easily mount a smartphone campaign. Many web platforms have options for converting pages to conform to mobile viewers. Look for applications and mobile software that will attract targeted visitors to your pages and convert browsers to buyers. It is even possible to sell products right from your custom-designed mobile pages.

    Look into the newest smartphone technology called QR (quick response) for the most versatile way to reach the mobile multitudes. QR codes are the modern version of traditional barcodes, but with the power to take users to new levels of interaction and commerce. They can be programmed with games, quizzes, music, polls and other engaging activities that allow business owners to gather new leads. For help developing your mobile strategy, seek the advice of an experienced mobile marketer.

    Resources for making money with mobile technology:


There is money to be made online if you are not afraid to learn some new technologies. Don’t be left behind. Start leveraging the latest marketing methods available to get your message across, attract more consumer attention, and make some money. No one can promise that you will earn a living wage strictly by working from home, but a bit of new media strategizing could definitely boost your income and help you make some extra cash.

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