Best Ways To Succeed As A Mystery Shopper

by WorkFromHome on November 2, 2011

Most people have seen the advertisements for home shoppers at some point in their lives. Before the Internet you would see these ads in magazines and newspapers. Most people have overlooked them believing they are a scam. Contrary to popular belief, mystery shopping is not only a very legitimate home business; it is one that has many benefits.

Imagine being paid to have someone clean the carpets in your home for free? Picture dining in fine restaurants and being paid for your night out. Think about spending the day at the mall, returning home with countless bags and knowing that not only was the merchandise free, but you were paid to shop all day. If you can picture these things, you can imagine what it is like to be a mystery shopper.

The job is not all fun and games; there is work to be done. The following 7 steps will help you become a successful home shopper so you can begin to enjoy the finer things in life.

  1. Enroll with several mystery shopping companies. You should not limit yourself to being a mystery shopper for just one company. Each company may specialize in different industries. By joining several companies you can enjoy many different opportunities and earn more money each week.
  2. Accept more than one task per day. Mystery shoppers are paid by the jobs they perform, not an hourly wage. If you want to make more money, all you have to do is accept more assignments. Many mystery shopping assignments are to be performed at specific times of the day. You can easily schedule different assignments throughout the day, generating a significant income.
  3. Integrity matters. Companies are willing to provide you with payment for your services and free merchandise or meals because they expect honest feedback. Do not be overly critical or overly positive about any experience you have had during the assignment. It is very important to be honest and forthcoming with good or bad reviews. Corporations depend on this honesty to make the appropriate changes to their business. Failure to comply in this manner will affect your work.
  4. Complete the assignments as stated. If the assignment requires you to drive through a fast food restaurant at 5:30pm and order a specific item then that is what you must do to get paid. Do not order anything additional, do not order for other people, and do not change the order to something you would rather have. The company that is sponsoring the mystery shop is looking for specific information and will not pay if the experience has been compromised.
  5. Variety is good. Some mystery shopper jobs will get you stuck in a rut by completing the same type of assignments every day. This becomes quite boring after a while, and people tend to lose interest in this type of work. By taking a variety of assignments each day, you will keep the job interesting and benefit from all the rewards.
  6. Submit your reviews on time. Many companies require that you submit your reviews within a few hours. Make sure that you complete your reviews in a timely manner. Failure to do so may result in you not being reimbursed for your time and purchase. It may also result in you no longer being able to accept assignments. Most companies are accepting reviews online now, so there should never be a delay in submitting information.
  7. Increase your earnings through certification. Many companies will offer customer service certification programs to their mystery shoppers. These programs are simple courses that you can take online that will enhance your skills as a mystery shopper. Some of the information you will learn is how to properly evaluate customer service and little things you should notice while you are in a business. Most companies have 2 levels of certifications. Each certification you complete raises the amount of money you are paid for each assignment.

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