Become A Work From Home Freelance Writer

by WorkFromHome on November 8, 2011

For those who have good writing skills and talents, becoming a work from home freelance writer can be a very rewarding career. Although getting established in freelance writing has never been easy, it may not be as hard as you think. The continued rise of traffic and retail sales on the Internet has opened new markets for writers that were not available in the near past. From writing website content to selling your novel online, the ways to now market and sell your work are almost as limitless as you can imagine. Here is some information on how you can become a work from home freelance writer.

Know The Market

One of the things professional writers must accept is that the freelance writing market has always been very competitive and it will always be that way. Even the great writers like Dickens, Poe and Twain spent years as freelance writers working for very little pay. But if you, like them, have writing skills and are determined to succeed the market can provide a livable income. There are now hundreds of websites that link clients who need written material with freelance writers of every style and niche. Most of these sites will request a writing sample on which your work will be evaluated against their style guidelines and editing standards. If you are accepted, the company will then provide links between you and their clients. The pay normally ranges from a few cents per word to a flat fee per article. If your writing is concentrated on novels and books, there are a growing number of options where you can publish your works online and charge whatever you price you feel is fair. The pay for your publications in these markets will be your selling price minus a fee charged by the company you are using to post your works.

Types Of Freelance Writers

There are numerous types of writing styles that are in demand. To be competitive, you need to decide which writing style is best for you and concentrate on open jobs in that niche. Here are a few freelance writing areas to consider:

  • Web Content: This is an ever expanding market for freelance writers because of the thousands of new websites added to the Internet every day and the number of old sites that constantly need fresh content. It is one of the most diverse freelance areas because you may be writing on topics as varied as how to make pizza dough to explaining what occurs during a nuclear reaction.
  • Product Description: With a rising number of stores increasing their presence online, there is a growing demand for freelance writers who are good at product descriptions and advertising. Many of the small to medium online retail stores need good independent writers because they do not have a professional writing staff in-house. They also need freelance writers who understand the difference between writing effectively for the web as opposed to the more traditional styles of product descriptions.
  • Technical Information: If you have an engineering background or can clearly explain technical information, this would be a great writing area for you. Good technical freelance writers are always in demand because companies usually only need the information written once, which is not enough to justify hiring an employee for the same task. This is also an area where, if your work is good enough, you can eventually demand higher compensation for your efforts.
  • Blogging: Whether you create your own blogs or provide content for others, blogging is a wide open market for freelance writers. The number of blogs on the Internet is now growing exponentially everyday and they constantly need new content. You can also make money on the blogs you create by receiving a small compensation for every click on the ads you post on your site. Although each click pays very little, the long-term incomes from your blogs will continue to grow as you attract more followers.

Be Determined To Succeed

Because of the competitive nature of the freelance writing field, you may be disappointed when you first enter the market due to the the low rates offered for your work. Don’t be discouraged because that’s the way freelance writing has always been and probably always will be. You have to be persistent and determined to succeed. Just keep in mind during the lean, early stages that you are learning how to better market your work and are honing your craft. There are millions of freelance writers making a decent income everyday because they never gave up on themselves. Being a freelance writer who works from home can be a very enjoyable experience. The only way to succeed is through constantly writing and marketing your work as aggressively as possible.

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