Are You Ready to Work From Home Online?

by WorkFromHome on November 1, 2011

People from all walks of life, income brackets, ages, and backgrounds work from home online. Many people segue to online work due to dissatisfaction with their brick-and-mortar jobs. Still others choose this kind of work due a lack of prospects in their area, poor health, or family commitments. No matter what your reasons for wanting to work from home, you need to make sure you have the skills and tools necessary for the transition. If you’re not prepared to meet the challenge of being your own boss, getting back into the outside work field can be slow and financially unrewarding. How do you know if you’re ready to make the step into online work from home?

You’re Aware of Your Goals

In order to go from a steady, predictable paycheck to online work, you need to have very clear financial goals. This is especially true if you plan to make the majority of your money from independent contracting rather than being a normal employee of a work-at-home company. You should know exactly how much you will need to make each day, including taxes you might have to pay for yourself. Without clear monetary goals, you will have no idea if you’re making enough to sustain your commitments and lifestyle. Make out a detailed budget and break it down into daily goals.

You Already Have Sufficient Work

Because large amounts of jobs on the Internet are either scams or woefully underpay, you should already have plenty of verified jobs lined up before you try to earn a full-time income online. For example, writers who want to work from home online full-time should have accounts set up with several firms that have already paid out. If you hope to quit your outside job, you need steady income from a variety of sources online. Companies go out of business or run low on work frequently in the online world. A smart work-at-home strategy is to have several reputable sites lined up. Of course, all online workers have their favorites, but leaning on only one or two companies to make all of your income is a dangerous financial mistake. If you don’t have legitimate sources of work lined up, meeting your financial goals will be impossible.

Your Family is Supportive

Armed with your financial goals and a variety of reputable sites, talk your decision over with your partner. If you have an infant or small children, working and providing childcare at the same time will prove very difficult. You may still need to take advantage of childcare arrangements to meet your goals. Should your children be older, then will need to understand that your physical presence at home does not give them permission to interrupt you while you’re working. Even your pets will need to allow you to work, so a dog that whines and barks if he’s not in the room with you will need further training.

You Have an Emergency Plan

Depending on how well you’ve prepared your sources of income, there may be times where you make less than you need. You should have a plan in place to cover you if something goes wrong before quitting your job to work from home online. Some ideas for supplementing your income include:

  • A bank account with a few months worth of expenses tucked away in it.
  • Assets you could easily sell, such as extra vehicles, precious metals, or electronics.
  • Casual work at a brick-and-mortar location nearby.

Having an earnings shortage is a lot less scary when you have a plan in place to cover it. No matter how careful you are about having a variety of income sources, illnesses and emergencies can cause you to lose income. Make sure you’re prepared for emergencies.

Transitioning from a brick-and-mortar job to work from home online requires careful financial planning, cooperation from your family, and a diverse list of income sources to be a success. You should also have an emergency plan for any shortages. If you are careful to have all of these factors in place, you can make your at-home work a success.

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