Affiliate Marketing

On the Internet, there are hundreds of thousands of vendors selling hundreds of millions of products. A basic business model with these vendors is for you to sell a product or service on the behalf of a vendor and to receive a portion of the profits in return. This is called affiliate marketing and is very similar to selling products and services for a commission. Affiliate marketing is a very versatile enterprise that can be used to monetize a wide variety of traffic sources on and off of the Internet. Here we’re going to look at the different ways you can make money from affiliate marketing.

Product Selection

The general premise of making money with affiliate marketing is to find products or services that match up with the wants and needs of the people you’re going to be advertising to. This allows you to increase your conversion rates and make a lot more money than if you were just throwing random items up in front of people. Because there are so many companies online that have affiliate programs, you can sell almost anything you can think of. The lesson to take from this is that you need to take advantage of the very large product selection available online when you’re deciding how to monetize a traffic source.

Using Search Engine Optimization to Drive Traffic

A really common business model that includes affiliate marketing is to build a website or blog around some specific niche. You’ll drive traffic to this website using search engine optimization techniques. The traffic that you get from this method will naturally be interested in the niche or industry your website or blog covers. With that in mind, it’s fairly easy to find affiliate products and services to promote.

There are a lot of different strategies and tactics that can be implemented when it comes to using search engine optimization to drive web traffic. However, when you’re planning on using affiliate programs to monetize a website, you can plan ahead with some of your keyword research to help boost your conversion rates. Instead of focusing on general keyword phrases within an industry or niche, you can make more money in the long run by narrowing your focus down to keywords that relate specifically to the items you’ll be selling.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Another common way to drive traffic to a website that promotes an affiliate program is to use pay per click advertising. This business model pays a small amount for each visitor that you receive as an expense, and the idea is to make more from each visitor on average to make up for the costs and create a profit. When you’re promoting affiliate programs with pay per click advertising, you don’t have to worry so much about informative content as you do with search engine optimization. Instead, you can focus completely on trying to increase your bottom line with better conversion rates.

Offline Traffic Methods

You don’t necessarily need a website to promote affiliate programs. Since many affiliate programs provide their own landing pages, you could have a domain set up that you only use as a redirect instead. Then you can put this domain name on paper flyers, business cards and other paper media for offline promotion. When you’re doing offline promotion for affiliate programs, you still have to take the wants and needs of your audience into consideration. For example, if you are posting a paper flyer in an arcade, you’ll probably want to be promoting an affiliate program that will do well with males who are 16 to 24 years old. For another example, if you post flyers outside of a gym, you’ll want to make sure that you’re promoting products that make sense, like weight loss supplements.

Building Your Mailing List

No matter how you drive your traffic, one thing that you must do as an affiliate marketer is build a mailing list. An electronic mailing list will allow you to sell to the same users over and over again instead of just getting one shot to make some money. This list will also give you a chance to build repeat traffic to your website as you post new content and new affiliate offers, and this also adds to your profits. Your mailing list is an incredibly important part of any business model that uses affiliate marketing.

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