Advertising Tools For Your Work From Home Business

by WorkFromHome on October 21, 2011

When you work from home, you search for ways to build your client base and increase your income. You serve as your own public relations manager. With a few creative ideas, you can successfully advertise your home business and gain more recognition in the community without paying a fortune.

Choose a Name

Whether you incorporate your real name or create a pseudonym, choose a unique, memorable business name. Research local or online competitors to ensure you do not steal another business’s name. File fictitious name paperwork to own the rights to your chosen name and prevent duplication.

Design a Logo

The logo visually connects customers with your name, products, and services. Draw a logo, use a photo, or incorporate an architectural element from your home business. For example, cake decorators may choose a photo of their specialty creation, writers may choose a pen in the shape of their last name’s initial, and accountants may choose a calculator to symbolize their work. Use the logo on all of your business communications and signs. Avoid controversial ethnic or religious symbols and copyrighted material.

Business Cards

After you choose your name and design a logo, order business cards. Business cards provide your contact information to new and former clients and remind them about your business and the services you provide. Hire a local printing company to design and print the cards or create your own card using an online business card company. Include your logo, pertinent contact information, complimentary colors, and easy to read font without crowding the card. Certain printing companies may offer a discount for first time orders or for orders that include matching stationary, address labels, or a business card holder.

Banners and Signs

Utilize a variety of vinyl banners or yard signs as mobile advertising tools. Easily transported to different events and locations, banners and signs include your name, logo, and contact information. The size of the banner or sign depends on the location where you will display it. For trade shows, compact signs fit within the assigned space limits. Purchase a larger sign for your home location. Order multiple yard signs to advertise throughout your community.

Car Magnet

Purchase an inexpensive car magnet from a printing or sign company. Use design elements from your business card or website. Choose contrasting but complimentary colors for eye-catching appeal. Proofread the magnet to ensure readability, and advertise your business as you drive throughout town.

Word of Mouth

Allow your current clients to serve as your most important advertising tools. Their word of mouth advertising creates excitement in the community for your products. Achieve excellent references by treating every client with respect and kindness. Provide fair prices and high value for their money. Not every client will love you or your products. As you continue to treat loyal customers with respect, you will successfully make money from home.


Build an attractive, informative website for your business. With the increase in reliance on the internet, most people find businesses by looking online. Build your own website or hire a web design company. Include your logo, directions or map to your location, a contact page, and a detailed list of services you provide. To connect with clients on a personal level, include a short autobiography about your experience, education, and family, if applicable. Add pictures or samples of projects you have completed. Advertise professional organizations or trade groups in which you hold a membership. Depending on your business, add a price list or allow customers to contact you for price options. Periodically, add coupons or special offers to entice new customers to purchase from you. Update the website frequently with current products and appearances.

Social Networking

Link your website to your blog and social networking sites. Give customers information about new products, special offers, or events in which you plan to participate. Post comments on related blogs and sign forums with a link to your blog. Share tips involving your business. For example, a lawyer might include tips for handling custody issues while a psychologist might write about coping with the loss of a loved one. If you choose to send emails, keep them short, and include a special offer to entice visitors to your business. Stay connected to your clients and new customers by remaining visible online.

As a small business, you can afford to advertise. While you may not possess adequate finances to purchase billboards or television ads, you can purchase business cards and maintain a website to inform new customers of your services and connect with current clients. Provide excellent customer service and a quality product, and watch your work from home business grow.

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