Advanced SEO Link Building Methods for Your Blog

by WorkFromHome on September 27, 2011

For one reason or another, most people who work from home will need to know how to do basic search engine optimization tasks at some point in their career. There are a lot of resources out there describing the basics of topics like on-page SEO, link building and keyword research, but there are very few credible sources of information for people who are looking to take it to the next level. Here we’re going to give you a chance to learn some advanced link building ideas that will help you to boost your search engine optimization knowledge.

The Characteristics of a Link

Before you can really get deep into building links, you have to know more about the anatomy of a link itself. One distinction that you need to know about is if a link is “no follow” or not. A “no follow” link does not carry as much weight as a regular link, but both are necessary to developing a healthy link profile. For example, if you have thousands of regular links and zero “no follow” links, then it’s pretty easy to see that you’re trying to manipulate the search results. Your objective with link building is to try to keep your link profile looking as natural as possible, and you’re going to have to include some “no follow” links to do that.

Aside from the “no follow” distinction, there are two main factors that determine the value of your linking profile. The first factor is the quality of your links. High-quality links will come from pages that have some relevance to the page you’re linking to and will include anchor text that uses keyword phrases you’re trying to target. If you have a high-quality link from an image, the alt text from the link will act as the anchor text. The second factor is the sheer quantity of links that your profile contains. There’s not much to say about this second factor except that more is obviously better, but quality is king.

The Trick to Blog Commenting

Most people who are working at home with some sort of website have heard about blog commenting as a source of backlinks. However, it can seem like a really inefficient way to spend your time since most blog posts don’t have much authority, and a few weak links here and there won’t help to boost your website’s rankings. The advanced way of commenting on blogs for backlinks is to use programs to find the blog posts for you and to sort the posts according to PageRank. A higher PageRank on a blog post is going to mean that more authority is given to any backlink that you get in the comments.

It’s important to note that we’re not suggesting that you use programs that post comments on a lot of different blogs automatically. This is a really bad form of spam that gives link building a bad name. Instead, you just want to use programs that find relevant posts for you and rank them according to their PageRank values. Then you’ll need to go through the list, read each blog post yourself, and post a comment that really adds value to the discussion. Not only will this increase the chances of your comments being accepted, but you won’t earn your website a bad reputation for spam.

Web 2.0 Pages and Building Structure

In the past decade, there has been a large rise in the number of “Web 2.0” sites available. These sites allow users to quickly and easily build a blog or website using a standardized platform. Since you can control part of the URL and all of the content on these websites, they are a great source for links. The idea is to create a Web 2.0 site and then put your own content on it. Then you can build links to the Web 2.0 site and link back to your main website in turn. Linking with this type of structure lets you build miniature authority websites that will give you an edge over the competition. Your advantage comes from the fact that you will be able to get links from this mini-authority site but your competitors will not. By building small advantages like this, you’re able to gain a large long term advantage and raise your rankings in the search engines.

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