A Photographers Guide To Making Money On The Internet

by WorkFromHome on November 11, 2011

Selling your photographs on the Internet as a source of income is a dream of many amateur photographers. The great news is that this dream can easily come true. The Internet has created a vast need for fresh photographs to fill the millions of websites, newsletters, and blogs that are floating around cyberspace.

There are several sites which will allow you to upload your photographs to sell to the public. These sites pay a per download price or a percentage of your sales. Listing your photos on several sites increases exposure and income. However, there are a few things that you should remember before you begin to sell photos online.

  1. Make your photos original. Yes, sunsets can be very pretty, and they are one of the biggest sellers online, but they are also very commonplace. Take photos that have a unique perspective on a common subject and you will find success.
  2. List your photos under many different headings. When a client is searching for a photograph they may not think of using the same keywords as you did when listing. Having these photos in multiple places allows you to reach the most people.
  3. If you photograph models, make sure you have all the legal releases before posting the photographs. If there is any question to the ownership of the photo, you should not post it for sale. This also applies for any businesses that you photograph.
  4. Verify picture size, pixel requirements, and file format that the site requires. Your pictures will be automatically rejected if they do not meet all the standards of the site.

What Type Of Photos Sell Online?

Every imaginable subject matter sells on the Internet. Every website or newsletter wants to be unique, each wants to stand apart. Some of the best-selling photos include:

  • Models with different expressions that can be used to promote goods
  • Office machinery either alone or in use
  • Sunrise/Sunset pictures
  • Food
  • Pets
  • Computer components
  • Flowers
  • Tourist destinations without people in the picture

Family photos, personal vacation photos, and photos of specific businesses usually do not sell.

Things To Remember When Selling Photos Online

  • Make sure that your photos are in perfect exposure and free from digital noise. You do not want to submit photos that are over or under exposed.
  • Understand the payment terms on the site you are selling your photos on. Do they pay weekly or monthly? Do they pay per purchase or a percentage? Are there any processing fees involved?
  • Verify if the site is exclusive or if you can post the same picture on multiple sites. Exclusive sites do pay more, but they will not allow you to sell any pictures you list with them on any other site. Some exclusive sites will go as far as request that you sell only on their site. Exclusivity is nice, but it does have some drawbacks.
  • The longer your pictures stay listed on the sites, the more popular you will become. It takes time to generate a following, but once you do it is magnificent.
  • Avoid common subject matters and try to create specialized photos. There is a need for creativity in this field of work.
  • You will have clients. This is a worldwide marketplace and what may not appeal to one person will be the perfect photo for another.
  • Never stop adding photos to your accounts. The more you post, the more you sell.
  • Stay current on trends and techniques. The Internet is ever-changing and you can quickly be left behind if you do not stay current on what is popular and desired.

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