A Computer, A Good Idea, and Handsome Profits: The Electronic Home Business

by WorkFromHome on November 30, 2011

The current economic situation is rather bleak, as unemployment reaches toward 10 percent, American wages are increasingly stagnant, and political gridlock means that there is a distinct lack of relief for these problems. An increasing number of Americans are turning to home based businesses in order to solve their financial woes; many of those people are in search of computer-based ways to make this extra income, as it requires a minimal up-front investment and largely uses the tools they already have — namely, a computer.

With that in mind, there are some of the best electronic home business ideas that will provide both a great source of extra income and a minimal starting investment. These ideas are extremely accessible for Americans of all means and financial situations.

Use Desktop Publishing Services as a Means for Income

One of the biggest areas in computer-based business is desktop publishing, which involves using graphic design skills, in combination with an eye for page design, to publishing things like brochures, flyers, newsletters, magazines, and even books. These documents can be produced for one company exclusively, or they can be produced on a freelance basis. Those who operate their own home desktop publishing business will find it’s far more lucrative to work exclusively in the employment of just a few companies, as they’ll pay higher rates to retain their best talent.

But freelancing offers several great advantages as well, not the least of which is a greater diversity in the types of projects that are requested and produced, and the ability to work for many different clients. This can boost the appeal of a resumé and really make a portfolio shine. And those things bode well for either starting an independent business or finding design work as the economy improves.

Computer Skills Tutoring

It might be easy to assume that, by now, most people know exactly how to use their computer and they don’t require any additional skills training. But that would be false: a large number of computer buyers in 2011 are still first-time buyers, and the market for technology is still relatively new in developing countries. That means that there are millions — perhaps even billions — of people who need to be trained to use their latest purchase. Adding to the complexity is that both Microsoft and Apple are still selling a competitive amount of laptops and training differs between the platforms.

These training sessions can generally be done on a freelance basis, and clients will contract with the instructor for multiple lessons. It’s up to you to develop an effective lesson plan and communicate the technology’s uses effectively; and your ability to do this will directly impact you’re ability to collect a respectable paycheck during each pay period. But once you’ve developed a solid lesson plan and teaching setup, you’ll find it’s easier and easier to make a very healthy annual salary while teaching new computer owners how to properly use their new desktops, laptops, and tablet devices.

Turn Web Design Hobbies into Salaries

Another common assumption is that the market has been completely saturated as far as web design is concerned. That is simply not the case, especially as new design trends catch fire at a record pace and old designers’ ways are outmoded. In a word of HTML 5 coding standards, CSS 3.0 design elements, and XHTML’s importance in both the desktop and mobile design spheres, web design is in higher demand than ever. And the highest demand out there is for designers who are as versatile as the devices they’re designing for: you’ll want your portfolio to include examples of desktop design as well as mobile design, and you’ll want to show just how adept you are at designing for mobile devices like the iPad, which represent an entirely new category of device.

Web design is still one of the most lucrative freelance positions, and it’s easy to get started from home. A computer, a web design application, and a solid knowledge of XHTML and CSS coding can mean a sizable annual salary for the designer with a good aesthetic eye and a broad knowledge of diverse devices.

Don’t Put Off Starting Your Home Business

These electronic home business ideas are just a sampling of what is available to those with a computer, a broadband internet connection, and a technology-focused set of skills. And because the technology world is always expanding, evolving, and hiring, it’s safe to say that these opportunities will be viable for some time to come. Nevertheless, it’s better to get started sooner rather than later, as it’s never too early to begin building healthy and financially beneficial client relationships.

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