6 Holiday Marketing Ideas for Your Online Business

by WorkFromHome on November 28, 2011

With only a few shopping days left as we count down to Christmas Day, this is no time to wind down your online marketing efforts. The National Retail Federation estimates that the period between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31 will account for more than 20 percent of all U.S. retail sales in 2011. With more than $450 billion in sales at stake, there is still time to implement a holiday marketing campaign for your work at home business.

A few shrewd adjustments to your promotional strategies can give you a significant uptick in pre-Christmas sales. Here are six holiday marketing ideas for your online business.

  1. Add a Gift Shop Page
    Establish a separate landing page for your web store that is designed like a festive and colorful gift shop. Decorate the page with holiday flair, and feature gift suggestions and ideas for women, men, children, seniors, teenagers, pets — use your imagination.
  2. Give extra attention to gift giving options during the pre-holiday weeks. It is one of the best moves you can make to increase conversions. Mention gifts on the home page and on all your product pages. Feature a banner with a cheerful Christmas gift motif, and link it directly to your online gift shop.

  3. Offer Gift Certificates or Gift Cards
    Some online shoppers can be overwhelmed by too many product choices. A banner announcing gift certificates or gift cards can be a helpful suggestion at holiday crunch time. You can boost sales of gift certificates and gift cards by offering to increase the balance by a small percentage, say 10-20 percent. This holiday marketing idea adds greater value to the gift choice and sweetens the transaction, making it a powerful motivator for last-minute shoppers.
  4. Offer Incentives
    Sometimes it’s just a little push that convinces online shoppers to click the buy button, and there are lots of quick ways to build more incentive. All shoppers are looking for bargains and deals, so whatever your incentive, make sure it is prominently promoted on your home page as well as on checkout pages. Here are a few ideas:

    • Offer free or discounted shipping.
    • Provide the option of gift wrapping.
    • Offer to personalize gifts for free.
    • Offer discounts for sales above a certain dollar level.
  5. Let Video Do the Selling
    Supplement product photos with videos or how-to’s that help shoppers get a good look at your items for sale. If possible, try to find a way to present certain products as gift choices. Insert a few select keywords into the video descriptions to attract search engines and put shoppers in a holiday gift-giving mood.
  6. Donate a Portion to Charity
    The holidays are a time when consumers are acutely aware of social issues and global responsibility. Online businesses can leverage the spirit of goodwill by donating a portion of all sales to a worthy cause. It is a thoughtful holiday marketing idea that may induce shoppers to buy from your work at home business rather than a competing online shop.
  7. Use Social Media for Holiday Marketing
    Social networking is the perfect platform for instant holiday marketing. Post cheerful holiday discount codes, gift suggestions, and special offers to friends and fans of your business, and be sure to suggest that your fans should share your links with their social networks. Think of it as weaving a fabric of social threads that will lead more holiday shoppers to your product pages; the more threads you add, the more shoppers you will attract to your store.
  8. A Bonus Holiday Marketing Idea for Your Online Business
    Do it now. No matter the date, there is always time to give your online store a boost in traffic and conversions. Implement these six holiday marketing ideas for your online business, and turn a hum-drum shopping occasion into a humming season of success.

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