5 Tips For Telecommuting Success

by WorkFromHome on October 17, 2011

Telecommuting is the perfect position for someone that has a need to stay home while still generating an income. Stay at home caregivers find that telecommuting enables them to have the best of both worlds.

Many people believe that telecommuting is desirable because you can roll out of bed whenever you want, stay in your pajamas all day, and work when it is convenient. The truth is, telecommuting is nothing like that at all. If you want to be a successful telecommuter there are 5 things that you must do daily.

  1. Set hours: You should always set your alarm clock for a specific time and “arrive” to work at a specific time. If you are telecommuting as an employee, this is mandatory. If you are telecommuting as a freelancer, it is the only way to be successful. Your clients must know when you are available to work and when they can reach you. If you are working random hours, without advertising you work random hours, you are losing business. A successful telecommuter will always be available when they say they are and working during that time. An additional bonus to setting specific work hours is that you will know when your day has ended. It is much easier to get up from your desk when you know that it is quitting time and there are other things to be done.
  2. Dress for success: While many believe that it is okay to sit around in a nightgown all day while they work at the computer, it is very counterproductive. Think about it, when you are in your sleepwear what do you want to do? Sleep. When you are dressed for work, what do you do? Work. If you desire to be successful, make sure that you dress the part. You can change your clothes into your loungewear after your office hours are done.
  3. Limiting family and friends during work hours: One of the largest drawbacks to being a telecommuter is that people know that you work from home. This knowledge leads to personal calls and visits during the day, requests for outing, or any other type of work interruption that you can imagine. While everyone loves their friends and family, they need to know when your work hours are and that you can socialize outside of that time frame. Tie is money, especially for the freelance telecommuter, and if they are taking up all of your time, you are risking your income.
  4. Internet interruptions: The largest distraction for telecommuters is the Internet. It is simply too easy to email a friend, visit the social sites, play games, balance your checking account, or read the news. You must be disciplined about this or you will quickly find you have spent your day reading everyone’s social page and have not completed a minutes worth of work. It can be very hard to limit yourself during the day; the mind does wander when you are sitting for long periods of time. It is crucial, however, that you use restraint and refrain from these types of interruptions.
  5. Set a quitting time: Telecommuting can be very time consuming. There will be times when you are a freelancer that you find yourself working deep into the night to complete a project. It is very important that you set a time to quit each day so that this does not happen all the time. You decided to work from home so you could spend more time with family and friends, to pursue your interests, to reduce your stress level. You need to make sure that those things happen. Set your quitting time, and make it a priority to quit at that time each day.

These are 5 very basic rules. They are so basic that they are usually overlooked. It is important to follow these guidelines so that you can have a very successful telecommuting career. You have selected this type of work for a reason, a very personal reason. Do not let something as simple as the clothes you wear or a downloadable game get in the way of your success.

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