10 Opportunities To Spend $20 And Start Your Own Home Based Business

by WorkFromHome on January 30, 2012

The number one reason that people use on why they cannot start a home based business is because they say they do not have any money to invest into the business. The truth is, there are many different business that can be started for very little money. Many businesses require that you invest time into their success, not money. The following 10 work from home ideas can all be started for $20 or less.

  1. Website Owner – You can register a domain name and establish a hosting site for less than $20 dollars. Most hosting companies provide free software to create a webpage on their site. You can also use WordPress a free web based website creation tool. Create a website about something that you enjoy or are very knowledgeable about, and monetize it with affiliate links. Affiliate links are links to products or services that pay you a commission every time a sale is made from your links. Affiliate programs are free to join, and all of them include free marketing materials that you can use to promote your links. You can also use many different free advertising options on the Internet to promote your site. You do not need experience in Internet sales or marketing to make this work, only the time necessary to create the site and keep the content fresh.
  2. Business Consultant – This business can be done either on or off line. If you are going to offer your services online, you can spend the $20 on creating a site for your services. If you are going to offer your services offline you will need to spend your money on a box of business cards to distribute to local companies. You can create brochures on your home computer, and only print them when necessary, reducing the need to pay for printing.
  3. Pet Sitting or Walking Service – This simple service can be started for less than $20. You will need to purchase a small box of business cards, about $12-15, and use the rest of your twenty on printing flyers to post on different community bulletin boards. Your best advertising will come from word-of-mouth and by introducing yourself personally to potential clients. People view their pets as members of their family. They will respond better to personal contact much better than a “cold” classified advertisement.
  4. Personal Organizer – People that have the ability to create organization out of chaos will find that they can start a very lucrative business for $20. A personal organizer enters someone’s home or business and rearranges closets, furniture and garage space, to create a well-organized area. There are many people who use this service, and it is a very large industry in large metropolitan areas. You can invest your twenty into business cards and a small classified advertisement in a local paper.
  5. Avon – While I know many people are rolling their eyes at this moment, the simple truth is Avon continues to be a major player in the make-up industry, and you can make a decent living at it with a little effort. It costs $10 to enroll in the program and the additional $10 can be used for samples or catalogs.
  6. Errand Service – Many people are simply just too busy to go shopping or run errands during the day, making an errand service a perfect $20 start-up. You can invest your money intro local classified advertisements and flyers. If you are required to purchase items you may need to put the money up front, but in many cases the clients will provide the money needed to complete the errand.
  7. Graphic Design – Businesses always need business cards, brochures and flyers designed. You can easily start a desktop publishing business from your home office. Invest $15 into some business cards that you designed and $5 into nice brochure paper to print samples on.
  8. Auction Seller – You can make a very good living selling used items on eBay. It is free to join eBay as a seller, and it is free to establish a PayPal account to collect your payments. You can invest your $20 into used merchandise you find at garage sales. Everything sells on eBay; just make sure you charge the right amount for shipping.
  9. Freelance Secretarial Service – You can offer your office skills to different businesses in your area. Many businesses have special projects that they want completed, but they do not want to take key personnel off of their duties to complete the job. You can invest your $20 into business cards and flyers.
  10. Tutor – The need for qualified tutors is always in demand. You can start this business with a box of business cards and some brochures. Distribute your information at local schools and libraries for free.

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